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Chapter 30: No One Left Behind

Qi Xueer was shivering all over.

She hesitated for a moment before confessing everything, “Supreme Lord, it was my sister who told me to do this…”

Ye Li Xiao had some impression of Qi Xueer.

She was the daughter of the Right Minister, and her sister was Qi Xuaner.

Last night, Qi Xuaner sent someone to assassinate Xing Luo, and today she instigated her own sister to attack Xing Luo.

Ye Li Xiao had been dealing with the Devil Worlds affairs in the morning.

He wanted to go to the Ghost World as soon as possible to help Xing Luo guard the Demon World, which is why he didnt displace Qi Xuaner immediately.  He was not expecting her to be so eager to die, but either way he will help her accomplish this. 

Ye Li Xiao: “Go and get your older sister.”

“Yes, Supreme Lord…” Qi Xueer didnt care about the pain in her body, rolling and crawling to her feet, before using the teleportation talisman to go and get Qi Xuaner as fast as she could.

Soon, Qi Xuaner and Qi Xueer appeared together through the teleportation talisman in front of Ye Li Xiao.

Qi Xueers face seemed to be a little red and swollen.

On the way here, Qi Xuaner had Qi Xueer explain what had happened, and upon knowing that Qi Xueer had turned her in, she slapped her twice in anger.


Qi Xuaner knew that the reason Ye Li Xiao had called her over, was most likely to settle accounts with her.

However, previously Cheng Xinyan came looking to cause trouble with Xing Luo, only to have her cultivation abolished.

Qi Xueer was not directly wiped out by Ye Li Xiao just now, which indicated that Ye Li Xiao still took into account the face of the Left and Right Ministers.

At most, their cultivation would be abolished.

As soon as she showed up, Qi Xuaner immediately knelt down on the ground, “Supreme Lord! I was confused for a moment! I shouldnt have instructed my little sister to hurt Miss Luoer, but I was actually instructed by someone else! I was confused for a moment! It was Cheng Xin Yan! She has been holding a grudge against Ms Luoer since Supreme Lord abolished her cultivation.

I went to visit her with good intentions, but I was careless and was accidentally instigated by her…”

“In that case, you sent someone to assassinate me last night, also at the order of Cheng Xin Yan” Xing Luos eyes looked at Qi Xuaner with disapproval and coldness.

“Assassination What assassination” Qi Xuaner was shocked within her heart but was playing dumb on the surface.

Unknowingly, Qi Xuaner actually felt pressure exuding from Xing Luos body that she would have felt only in the presence of Ye Li Xiao.

Obviously, she was just a cat demon.

How could she have such a strong aura…

However, as soon as her words were spoken, Ye Li Xiao immediately threw the Qi Palaces token in front of her, directly causing all of Qi Xuaners excuses to retreat back into her stomach.

Qi Xuaner hastily brushed off the responsibility, “It was Cheng Xin Yan who instructed me to do that!”

Hearing that, Xing Luo nonetheless gave a cold laugh, “Both are the prime ministers daughters, yet you are being led by Cheng Xin Yans nose.

You really havent inherited the right ministers half-wit in the slightest.”

Naturally, Xing Luo knew that Qi Xuaner was just saying this to distance herself from the situation.

“…” Qi Xuaner gritted her teeth.

Xing Luo was scolding her for being stupid.

If it wasnt for the fact that Ye Li Xiao was protecting Xing Luo, she would have already rushed over to teach this impudent little bitch a lesson!

Xing Luo: “Supreme Lord, how do you think we should handle this”

She was also very curious as to how far Ye Li Xiao would go for her.

Ye Li Xiaos decision will also allow Xing Luo to confirm whether he really hates her or not.

Naturally, Ye Li Xiao understood that Qi XuanEr only said this because she wanted shirk all blame onto Cheng Xin Yan in order to protect herself.

Whether Cheng Xin Yan, or Qi XuanEr, both were not innocent.

Obviously, they all have harmful intentions, and when they were discovered, they began to dog-eat-dog.

Ye Li Xiao said icily, “Since they are all guilty, then no one will be left behind.”

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