Chapter 30: I Dont Want To Sit Back And Do Nothing

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Rong Yan squinted his narrow eyes that were glazed over, after which he inched closer towards her and began kissing, sucking and nibbling her rosy and moist lips...

They were extremely soft like that of a doll.

He seemed to have seen that figure again while in a daze.

“Hmph... Rong Yan, you bastard. Im going to kill you...” That damned man. Is he a dog!! He actually made my lips bleed!

Rong Yan panted heavily and began sucking on her lips lustfully. His eyes were closed and he was letting his body react to the way he felt.

He began letting his hand wander about her tender body. Luo Anning did not wish to sit back and do nothing, hence, she raised her leg and kicked him forcefully in the gut.

Rong Yan opened his bloodshot eyes in pain. Before she could even leave, he held onto her waist tightly again and ripped all her clothes apart, unzipped his pants and forced himself into her...

He continued to do so for the rest of the night, until she fainted out of fatigue.


The following day...

Rong Yan woke up and sensed that something was amiss. He looked down, only to realize that he was hugging Luo Anning!

What exactly happened Why did she end up in my bed

His memory of the night before was vague and incomplete. He remembered hugging a woman and climaxing over and over again. He even vaguely remembered her begging for mercy and cursing at him.

Was it her Was that woman Luo Anning

The thought of it made Rong Yan spring up and get out of bed. He thought to himself, Damn it, how did I end up getting intimate with her again!! She may have been drugged with an aphrodisiac previously but what about this time

Luo Anning could not sleep well because of him. Hence, she was already awake when he got out of bed. She sat up straight and wrapped the duvet around herself before getting out of bed with a straight face.

Rong Yan was seated on the couch. Upon sight of her leaving, he asked, “Where are you going”

“Back to my room.” She then slammed the door with a loud thud.

Is she angry

It looked like after what he did to her last night, she was very angry with him. Rong Yan anxiously scratched his head and felt a headache forming.

Breakfast was done and Auntie Li went upstairs and asked Luo Anning to come down for breakfast. When passing by Young Master Rongs bedroom, she suddenly found out that he was home and then laughed with joy. She called out to him, “Young Master, come down for breakfast.”

Rong Yan nodded and went downstairs without a word. Luo Anning came downstairs shortly afterwards. She had bathed and changed into a high-necked dress in an attempt to cover the dense hickeys on her neck.

Upon sight of Rong Yan eating in front of the dining table, Luo Anning said to Auntie Li angrily, “Auntie Li send my breakfast to my bedroom.”

“Young Madam, youre already downstairs, why bother going up again Just eat at the dining hall. Look, Young Master Rong is here too. Itd be impolite of you to dine in your bedroom instead... ” Auntie Li muttered, trying to give them a chance to interact more with each other.

“I said, I want to eat in my bedroom!” Luo Anning exclaimed sternly before stomping her foot and storming off to go upstairs. Her heavy footsteps were proof of her anger.

Rong Yan put his cutlery down and headed upstairs too. The look of dismay on Auntie Lis face vanished and she gleefully instructed the servants to bring the food upstairs.

As soon as Luo Anning returned to her room, she sprawled herself across the bed and began hitting the pillow with all her might. Rong Yan was greeted with the sight of her doing that and he reckoned that he would have been beaten to a pulp if he were the pillow.